The Green Mile | Presentation

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The Green Mile | Presentation

Ett manus till en presentation på engelska av filmen "The Green Mile". Manuset redogör i punktform för filmens handling, huvudkaraktärer, tema och budskap.


The Green Mile

- Opening
- Characters
- Plot
- Purpose


Something people keep talking about is death penalty

Is very common in the world

Top of the list (countries that exercises this type of punishments)

USA, Saudi Arabia, China and Iran

At least 800 persons were executed last year around the world

Over the last 40 years, more than 130 have been released from death row.

One example: The movie

That contains the theme

The main character: John Coffey

And the prison guard (Paul Edgecomb)

It is a normal day (at the Green Mile) for Paul Edgecomb.

That until the tall and muscular John Coffey walks in

He is accused of raping and murdering two young children

Understandable why you would believe that

But John Coffey ..... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Green Mile | Presentation

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