The history of English in India | Inlämningsuppgift

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The history of English in India | Inlämningsuppgift

En inlämningsuppgift på engelska där eleven skriver om det engelska språket i Indien. Eleven svarar på när engelskan började användas och vilken betydelse språket har i Indien.


How it hase choose a part of the world that uses English and analytically investigate English's role and status in that country. When and why did English start being used there? What effect has English had on the identity and culture of the country in the past? In what situations and for what purposes is English used there today? Back up your claims with factual evidence. How does English affect the identity and the culture of the country today, and why?

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India is one of the world's largest and most populous country. Most are Hindus, but there are also many different groups of people and languages, but the official languages are Hindi and English. The English language arrived in India as a result of colonization. India is a former colony, that was under the British rule, until the independence in 1947. English was first taught to local people through Christian missionarie and 'had dependable established itself as the language of administration by the 1700s. By 1857, universities had opened in Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras, English was gradually more approved as the language of the government and national press.

There were lots of parleys to suppress the English language in the postcolonialism scenario. During later British... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The history of English in India | Inlämningsuppgift

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