The Importance of Physics | Argumentative Speech

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Argumenterande tal: The Importance of Physics | Argumentative Speech

Ett argumenterande tal på engelska (argumentative speech) som handlar om det vetenskapliga ämnet fysik, och varför det är viktigt (the importance of physics).

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Bra argument och motargument. Tydligt.

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Jag skulle antagligen skriva en motargument till.


I would like to introduce to you guys a school subject, which I believe is one of the most important school subjects all over the world. It helps us understand our environment and it explains how things happen and why they happen. What is it that makes an apple fall to the grand? Why you can't really move forward when you stand on ice? Why do the airplanes fly high in the sky without falling? All this answers you need you can find through the study of this subject that is a part of the natural sciences. Ladies and Gentlemen – Physics!... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Importance of Physics | Argumentative Speech

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