The Kugelmass Episode | Review (Recension)

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The Kugelmass Episode | Review (Recension)

Detta är en recension på engelska av Woody Allens "The Kugelmass Episode" från 1977.

Eleven beskriver vad boken handlar om och eleven ger sin subjektiva bild av boken.

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It's not common that you find a story as unique and creative as The Kugelmass Episode, a short story written by the author Woody Allen. This is the story about Kugelmass, a unhappily married man who is willing to do whatever to bring brightness into his love life again. In this dramatic and romantic story we will follow Kugelmass as he literally travels into novels to find his lover. When Kugelmass finally finds his new lover, some new problems occur to say the least.

I would say that the author did a great job developed the characters in this story, Woody allen really knows how to make the different characters personalities stand out . All of the characters had different and very unique personalities. Kugelmass is a depressed and sad man who just wants to bring back life to his lovelife.He is built up to be this irritated self caring guy who doesn't care about anyone else than himself. And then their is Persky who is a silly... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Kugelmass Episode | Review (Recension)

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