The Marshall Plan | Article

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Artikel: The Marshall Plan | Article

En elevartikel (student article) på engelska om "The Marshall Plan" (Marshallplanen) och dess betydelse i Europa efter andra världskriget. I artikeln genomförs bland annat en fiktiv intervju med Malcom Crawford (en av männen bakom "The Marshall Plan".

Studienets kommentar

Notera att källor saknas.


- The Marshall Plan
- Inside information from Malcom Crawford
-- How do you feel about what has been done?
-- Did the money and supplies only come from funds and industries or did you have any other scours?
-- Who much money did each of the needing nations get, approximately?


All the homelessness, sickness, hunger and many more of the tragic problems who roamed the demolished cities all over Europe is now recovering thanks to raw materials and the 44.3billion dollars that was sent from the funds and other money sources of The Marshall Plan.

Today, on November 17th, America received a Thank you letter from Europe which included their appreciation for all the help ... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Marshall Plan | Article

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