The movie and the book of Pride and Prejudice | Jämförelse

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The movie and the book of Pride and Prejudice | Jämförelse

En jämförelse och recension på engelska av boken och filmen "Pride and Prejudice" som är författad av Jane Austin år 1813. Filmen är från 2005 och regisserad av Joe Wright. Eleven jämför hur viktiga scener skildras och går bland annat igenom karaktärerna, budskapen och detaljerna.

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In your comparative review you compare the plot of the book with that of the film, identify the crucial scenes in the novel and film respectively and explain thoroughly why they are central and how they are connected to setting, characters and message. You reason around similarities and differences and explain in a well-grounded way what you think about the choices made by author and director. You discuss what linguistic devices are typical for the author's way of writing and how they affect you during reading. Excellent use of examples and commenting on these. You also discuss what cinematic features the director uses and how they affect you during screening, thus laying a good foundation for the conclusion where you sum up what is required from the respective audiences and what an audience can appreciate in the book and what can they appreciate in the film. From the point of contents, this is a very rich solution indeed; you prove that you know what to look for in a film and a novel and how to describe both media in a reader-friendly way.

Your language is very suitable for the assignment and your text is well-structured; the linking works within paragraphs and between them. You have definite fluency and the only more serious errors in your text are the verb form slip-ups and the occasional genitive ‘s.


When a film is based on a novel there are usually a lot of things that varies between
them. Pride & Prejudice (1813), written by Jane Austen, and the latest film version (2005), directed by Joe Wright, are no exception. The movie is true to the book in some aspects as both stories follow the main character Elizabeth Bennett and her family and deal with issues such as marriage, social class, and misunderstandings. Although there are also a lot of differences between them since the film is a rather condensed version of the book. For instance, there is less attention to detail and subplots in the movie and many scenes were shortened, left out or had altered dialogue.

Another thing varying between the two productions are the characters. In the book, Austen develops the characters very thoroughly, adding depth to the story and plot which could not be as well done in the condensed movie. In addition, some characters like Mr. and Mrs Phillips, are left out in the movie and many characters are portrayed differently. For example the movie features some additional scenes from the perspective of Mr. Darcy which makes him seem more human than the book personate him. Likewise, Elizabeth is more serious in the book and comes across as much more bold and impatient in the movie than the time period would permit.

Further, the setting does also alter between the book and the film. Both stories take place in the 1800:s england but the illustration... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The movie and the book of Pride and Prejudice | Jämförelse

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