The Murderer In Room 101 | Elevnovell

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The Murderer In Room 101 | Elevnovell

En elevnovell på engelska som är thrillerinspirerad.

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Quick feedback on your short story:
You have a descriptive short story, you make rather good use of adjectives and adverbs which makes for a colorful story that is easy to picture, building up tension nicely. Language has a nice flow when it comes to grammar and register. Good! Make alterations in brackets (parantes) after the yellow markings so I can follow your process. Good job!


I was on a business trip in Ravenesse and stayed at a five star hotel. The hallways were well lit by gilded chandeliers and the walls were beige with a traditional black pattern. In every room, there was a small door number plate. I had number 101 and went into my room. It was a small room with a bed and two small bedside tables, one at each side of the bed. In the middle of the room there was a large red carpet. The floor consisted of wooden boards and was very clean, almost as if someone had wiped the floor a few hours before I had arrived. There was also this wonderful scent. It smelled as if I was ​at(on) ​a field filled with flowers, and the flowers had an aroma of vanilla. It was such a nice scent and I'd say it felt like​ ​the kisses of nature, so pure and fresh, and definitely something I could get used to.

Someone knocked on the door and I opened. There stood a woman of my age, with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. “Hello there neighbour. Since you ​just moved in​ I'd really like to get to know you better.” she said and went on “Would you like to grab some drinks at the hotel bar? I hear they ​sell(have) ​the best drinks in town.. By the way, my name is Kayla​” S(s)​he smiled. It was the warmest smile I had ever seen and of course I accepted her invitation.

That evening, Kayla and I went to the hotel bar and I ordered two martinis, one for me and one for her. The bartender asked me what my name was and which room I was staying ​at (in)​because the... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Murderer In Room 101 | Elevnovell

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