The Power of Music | Fördjupningsuppgift

Uppsatsen är kvalitetssäkrad av redaktionen på
  • Naturvetenskapsprogrammet (före 2011) Årskurs 2
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The Power of Music | Fördjupningsuppgift

En fördjupningsuppgift på engelska där eleven undersöker musikens påverkan ("the power of music") på sina lyssnare. Fokus ligger bland annat på musikens positiva effekter (musikens lugnande effekt) men också negativa (musiken som uppmaning till våld). Notera att källor saknas.

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Mycket bra kvalité och fint skrivet.


"Music is one of the few activities in life that involves using your whole brain. That is why it can affect us mentally that much, by changing our mood from an second to another. Music has limits that is beyond our world, far from our imagination. It is like an never exploding balloon, that fulfills the joy of your life like a child with candy. It can enlighten so many occasions, it can be used like an refuge for so many people, especially teenagers nowadays. That is an big explanation to why a big majority of the residents of this ever shrinking globe we live in has music as a part of a daily rutine. Music affects everything you do, how much is depending on who you're listening to or who you are as a person.

Nowadays, the majority of the artists are so provocative in their songs. They advocate drugs, sex and crime like it wasn't something out of the equation, whether the person is mature enough to understand or underaged and easy affected. The achievement for them is only to obtain money, while their carreer goes on with a bright future and a exalted curve."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

The Power of Music | Fördjupningsuppgift

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