Trip to Turkey | Personal narrative | Engelska B

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Trip to Turkey | Personal narrative | Engelska B

En kortare text i Engelska B, där eleven fått i uppgift att skriva en personlig berättelse ("personal narrative"). Här delar eleven med sig från sin resa till Turkiet ("trip to Turkey").

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Mycket bra gjort, du har tänkt till och använt mycket detaljer.


"A was on a vacation last week in Turkey and I had lots of fun over there in Asia. I had my family with my and a friend and his family, man we had fun, we played in the pool, in the ocean, by the pool, everywhere, wherever we had a chance. We went out at night, we went on party's. First day we just hanged out by the pool and tried to get tanned. First day was the warmest so we took advantage of it and got tanned. But we didn't get really tanned and that was a disappointment. But we kept on fighting and at the middle of the week we had got tanned and we were happy. So we started to enjoy ourselves and started making up some new games in the pool."... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Trip to Turkey | Personal narrative | Engelska B

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