UK General Election 2015 | Inlämningsuppgift

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UK General Election 2015 | Inlämningsuppgift

En inlämningsuppgift på engelska som redogör för parlamentsvalet i Storbritannien 2015. Eleven berättar inledningsvis om Storbritanniens politiska system och redogör sedan för valresultatet och röstfördelningen mellan de olika partierna.

Notera att källor saknas.


A general election was held in the UK on 7th May. The outcome was unexpected. After all the votes had been counted, it was confirmed that the Conservative Party had won the most seats. Its leader, David Cameron, was therefore re-elected as the UK's prime minister. Mr Cameron has been the UK's leader since 2010. Yet, for the last five years he and his party have governed with the Liberal Democrats in coalition. Now, with a majority of seats, the Conservatives can govern alone. The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. The UK is also known as Britain or Great Britain. The country is a constitutional monarchy. Its monarch, currently Queen Elizabeth the Second, is the UK's head of state. However, the king or queen has few powers. The country is normally governed by the party that can ‘command a majority' in the House of Commons. The elected members of parliament meet at the Palace of Westminster, in London, the UK's capital city.

The parliament is often just called ‘Westminster'. It has two ‘houses', the House of Commons' (usually called the Commons) and the House of Lords (usually called the Lords). The Commons is the lower house and the Lords the upper. Most people... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

UK General Election 2015 | Inlämningsuppgift

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