Violence in the US: Gun Laws and Racism | Report

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Rapport: Violence in the US: Gun Laws and Racism | Report

En utförlig rapport på engelska (report) som handlar om våld i USA (violence in the US) och om dess orsaker. Här utreder eleven vad som ligger bakom den allt allvarligare problematiken med våld i USA, särskilt i relation till landets vapenlagar (gun laws) och rasism (racism). Rapporten inleds med en redogörelse av ett fall där en svart amerikansk man blev skjuten av en vit polisman.


Crying for Justice

- Part A: A research plan
- Part B: Summary of evidence
- Part C: Evaluation of sources
- Part D: Analysis
- Part E: Conclusion
- Part F: Sources and word limit


Part A: A research plan

Major cities all around the US are protesting the recent events in the country. The people are flooding the streets with protests and chants about the abuse that has been going on for the past couple of weeks. On the 9th of August a young African American male named Michael Brown was shot six times by a police officer named Darren Wilson, a 28 year old Caucasian male in Ferguson, Missouri.
The 24th of November a county grand jury had decided to not indict Darren Wilson for his actions. These shocking and terrifying events have upset a lot of stomachs around the US and around the world. Riots have taken place across the country and the citizens are now questioning their authorities. The Michael Brown case isn't the main reason why a lot of people are starting to raise their fists. There has been a trend going on now for too long and it has to end.

To make this report I will have to search through several different topics like gun control and social issues. I think these two topics are the main root to this violent history that this country has had to put out with for decades... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Violence in the US: Gun Laws and Racism | Report

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