Violent Video Games do not Cause Violence | Argumentative text

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Argumenterande text: Violent Video Games do not Cause Violence | Argumentative text

En argumenterande text (argumentative text) på engelska, där eleven argumenterar för att våldsamma videospel inte orsaker ett våldsamt beteende i verkligheten (violent video games do not cause violence). Fokus ligger bland annat på att ungdomar kan skilja på spel och verklighet, och att videospel istället blir ett forum där ungdomar med aggressiva tendenser kan få utlopp för sina känslor utan att skada andra.

Notera att källor saknas.


Do you remember that time when you jumped on people's heads, collecting mushrooms that would make you bigger, going down the sewers and defeating monsters while you are riding on a dinosaur and then save a princess in a big castle? No? You don't remember that? Oh yeah, you have never done that, that's just a game, Super Mario.
My point is just because you have played Super Mario doesn't mean that you will do all the things I mentioned, I mean, which one of us didn't play Super Mario when we were younger, imagine if thousands of people would run around like maniacs in the sewers with green dinosaurs.
"Why would we run around in sewers just because we have played Super Mario?" You may ask. Well, that's basically the same thing as saying: "Why would kids be violent just because they played a game?" Video games that can be seen as violent aren't supposed to make other children violent, they're violent because it will be... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Violent Video Games do not Cause Violence | Argumentative text

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