We can make a difference | Essay

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Essä: We can make a difference | Essay

En essä på engelska om hur man gör världen till ett bättre ställe. Eleven fokuserar på den insats varje individ kan göra och eleven menar att vi alla kan göra en viktig skillnad genom att donera en slant varje månad.


We can make a difference

Imagine waking up in a whole different world, a world that exists but that none of us sitting here have ever experienced. A world where five-year-old children have to go out in sizzling hot weather and walk for hours and hours just to get some clean water. A world where you have to try and survive on only 1 dollar every day, a world where all your closest friends and relatives slowly die due to incurable diseases. This is not an imaginary world, this is a real world that exists. Why does such a horrible world exist, and why do only some people get to experience it? Why do we pretend that this is not happening around the world, and most important why aren't we helping? Why have we let our own egoism take over our humanity?

Today, around one billion people in the world live in extreme poverty, and approximately... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

We can make a difference | Essay

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