Wind Power is the Future | Krönika

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Wind Power is the Future | Krönika

En krönika på engelska som handlar om hur vindkraft och andra förnyelsebara energiresurser är vad vi borde satsa på i framtiden (wind power is the future). Krönikan är personligt skriven och resonerar kring varför vi inte redan använder mer av dessa resurser och mindre av till exempel olja.

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Good but use more formal words to get higher grades.


Why is it so difficult to solve the climate issues? No one has really figured out how to solve the problems that is a consequence of the industrialization. Now more and more countries around the world turn into industrial societies. Particularly those in Africa are on the rise now. But the problem is not that we do not know how to solve the problem, but we do not seem to want to, at least not enough.

We know we need to invest in solar and wind energy. We also need to invest in energy low solutions, energy efficiency, public transport and so on. We do not know all the details about what the solutions will look like, but we know enough to start. Sometimes we just have to try new things.

One important thing is to put a price on carbon emissions; in Sweden we have a tax. Our carbon tax has led to reduction... Köp tillgång för att läsa mer

Wind Power is the Future | Krönika

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