Style of language

The short story “Baglady” is written in a formal style. The narration does not use slang or contractions, for instance: “It is beautifully laid with peach-coloured damask, bronze cutlery, and little floating gardens in lacquered dishes of waxed flowers that emit gusts of perfume”. In this passage, the vocabulary is complex, and the style is flowery. As the language reflects Daphne’s inner voice, it reveals her wish to appear upper class. 

Daphne expresses herself in formal language when she wants to persuade the policeman that she is an English lady: “ ‘I shall stay here for ever if necessary.’ ” In contrast, when Daphne speaks to her husband at home, her style of language is simple and informal: “ ‘You don’t want me on this trip (...) I’d better stay and mind the donkeys and the geese and the fantails as usual, and you can have a good time, as usual, in those exotic places.’ ” 

Irony is heavily used throughout the story. For instance, Daphne is robbed of everything, including her identity, in a place called The Good Fortune Shopping Mall. It is also ironic that Daphne has tried so hard to find her way out of t...

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