The short story “Baglady” by A.S. Byatt begins in medias res, with Lady Scroop discussing their plans for the day, starting with a trip to the Good Fortune Shopping Mall. The main character, Daphne Gulver Robinson, is then introduced. 

There are several elements of foreshadowing. Lady Scroop mentioning the “perfect safety” of the Mall foreshadows that Daphne will be robbed there. Similarly, Lady Scoop outlining their schedule foreshadows that Daphne will not make their rendezvous at the front entrance at noon, nor the “delicious lunch at the Pink Pearl Café”, not even the trip to the airport at two-forty-five. Daphne checking her watch as she enters the Mall and wondering how she will fill two hours before they have to leave also foreshadows she w...

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