Barack Obama’s 2008 victory speech explores themes like responsibility, hope, and change. These themes were influenced by Obama being the first African-American to become the US president, but also by the 2008 economic crisis, and the two wars the US was fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Accepting Obama as President

The speaker’s overall intention with the speech is to inspire the American people to accept him as their President and to face the challenges the country was confronted with by assuming responsibility and believing in their power to overcome hardships.

Often, what gives more weight to the speaker’s message and helps him achieve his intentions is the use of rhetorical devices such as repetition, metaphors, or rhetorical questions. Through rhetorical devices such as these, the speaker’s points become more memorable and this helps him gain him the approval of the public.

Within his overall intention to inspire the American people to accept him as their President, the speaker also explores other ends. For example, the first part of the speech is celebratory, and the speaker’s intention is to thank those who ...

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