Putting Brexit into perspective

Ways Brexit might affect other EU countries

The UK leaving the EU will not only have effects on the UK, but also on other EU countries.

For example, there are several EU countries who are major trading partners with the UK and who could suffer economic consequences. According to a study, the countries that have strongest economic ties with the UK are Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France.

At the same time, many have argued that the most severe economic consequences will be suffered by Ireland, because the country will be essentially cut off from the EU by the UK, which is the only country with which it has a physical border. Also, most of Ireland’s trade is with the UK.

Other consequences of Brexit for EU countries could include issues related to the movement of people. For example, there might be a lot of people who return to their own home countries from the UK or who wish to move to other countries that are still in the EU. This would mean increased migration inside the EU.

There might also be more pressure on the EU to deal with migrants from outside the Union. For example, in France at Calais there are many immigrants who try to reach the UK. There is currently an agreement between France and the UK to manage the situation, but the agreement might be cancelled when the UK leaves, leaving France to manage the area on its own. 

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