Texts about Brexit


Boris Johnson's Speech on the EU Referendum

The Conservative Boris Johnson was one of the most prominent supporters of the Leave campaign. In this speech, he tries to argue that Britain will be better off outside the EU.

Theresa May's Lancaster House Speech on Brexit

In this early speech, Theresa May outlines her main goals for the upcoming negotiations about Brexit - goals that would later prove very difficult to achieve in practice. 

Other texts

Connolly, Tony - Brexit and Ireland: The Dangers, the Opportunities, and the Inside Story of the Irish Response (2018)

The Guardian (editorial) - "The Guardian view on May’s Brexit deal: it’s over, but what’s next?" (2019)

Krastev, Ivan - After Europe (2017)

Shipman, Jim - ALL OUT WAR: The Full Story of Brexit (2017)

Staying updated on Brexit

Since Brexit is an ongoing process, it is important to stay as up to date as possible when working with it. Here are some suggestions for online sources that may help you.

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the most respected British newspapers, and tends to cover Brexit very closely. Unlike many other online papers of similar scope and quality, it has no viewing limit for articles, so it is very practical to use as a source.  

On days when important Brexit-related votes are taking place, The Guardian typically features a live news feed, with reporters making constant updates about the current state of affairs. 

If using it as a source, it is important to keep in mind that The Guardian is politically left-leaning, and tends to be somewhat critical of Brexit. 

BBC News

The public service news network in Britain naturally covers Brexit in great detail, and offers both articles and video content. In addition to covering recent news, BBC also features background articles that help explain the complicated Brexit process in simple terms. 

The Irish Times

If you are particularly interested in the question of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, it may be useful to get an Irish perspective on recent Brexit news. Since the Republic of Ireland is the country outside the UK that will likely be most directly affected by Brexit, Irish media may offer different perspectives on the debate compared to UK media.