The language of the short story “Debbie and Julie” by Doris Lessing is descriptive and frequently mimics the natural thought flow of Julie’s character. Direct quotations and dialogue are used occasionally to convey characters' traits through language. For example, there is a clear contrast between the way Julie describes Debbie and her circle of people and the way Julie’s parents talk, which reflects their different social status.

The choice of words also reflects the social setting and the plot of the story. Many words are related to physical symptoms of pregnancy and giving birth. Other words are descriptive of the physical setting and the physical appearance of the characters.

As the text is very descriptive, you will find many examples of imagery, passages that help readers imagine what Julie sees and experiences. Here is one such example: “She walked boldly through the sleet and turned into a dark and narrow alley where she hurried, because it smelled bad and scared her, then out into the yard full of builders’ rubbish and rusty skips. There was a derelict shed at one end.” 


A number of similes help the aut...

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