Plot and summary

Here, we first outline the main events (= plot) of Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and then give you a detailed summary of the entire novel.

Plot of the novel

Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson tells the story of the well-respected doctor Dr Jekyll. Through secret chemical experiments, he suceeds in creating Mr Hyde, who is his total opposite. Mr Hyde is evil, without morality, and controlled by his lower instincts. At night, he carries out evil deeds without a shred of remorse - even murder. 

Nobody knows that Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are in fact the same person, despite the strangely close relationship between the two men. Not even Mr Utterson, a lawyer and friend of Jekyll’s, realizes this. 

Dr Jekyll initially needs a special drug to turn into Mr Hyde, but he gradually starts turning into Hyde without warning as Hyde gains more power over him. Although Jekyll manages to keep Hyde trapped inside him for a while, Hyde eventually takes over control completely. Jekyll’s split personality experiment has now ruined ...

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