Part 3: Burning Bright

Sections 1-2

Pages: 1 – 16%

Setting: In front of and inside Guy's house

Time: At night

Character(s): Guy, Beatty, Mildred, Stoneman, Black, Faber

Summary: Captain Beatty asks Guy why he didn't stop after Beatty sent the tracking dog to his house. He provokes Guy by talking badly about Clarisse, saying she worked him over and destroyed everything. The firemen prepare Guy's house for burning. Mildred comes out of the house with a suitcase, takes a cab and leaves without saying goodbye. Beatty forces Guy to burn down his own house with a flamethrower. He talks about how with the fire comes the burning of responsibility and consequences. In the house, Guy sees the books: Mildred must have found them and put them back. Faber asks Guy through the radio capsule if he can escape, but the Mechanical Hound threatens and guards Guy. Guy burns down his own house, and he is happy to burn everything he shared with Mildred. Beatty lets Guy know that he will be arrested as soon as he finishes burning his own house.

Guy asks if Mildred betrayed him, and Beatty answers that yes. He thinks that Guy is finished. The house is burned down. Beatty begins to beat Guy. In the process, the radio capsule falls out of Guy's ear. Beatty already suspected something like this. He announces that he will find the man at the other end. Guy now points the flamethrower at Beatty. He continues to provoke Guy, asking him to pull the trigger. Guy can't take it anymore. He pulls the trigger. Beatty burns to death. Then Guy beats up his colleagues, always threatening them with the flamethrower.

The Mechanical Hound manages to inject his poison into Guy's leg before Guy can burn him too. Now Guy's leg is lame and he drags himself to the fire truck to burn it too. From Beatty, Guy has learned that you should burn problems.

Sections 3-4

Pages: 16- 31...

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