Captain Beatty

The friendly spy

Captain Beatty is Guy Montag's supervisor in the fire department. His job is to lead a group of firemen whose mission is to burn all the books in the city. The houses where books are hidden are also burned. Beatty accepts the fact that sometimes people die in the process.

Captain Beatty has black hair, soot-colored eyebrows, and bluish-looking skin where his beard has been shaved off (Part 1, 45%). He has a burned and sparkling face as a result of the many fires he has experienced (Part 1,54%). He smokes his brass pipe all the time, but he has bright red gums and white teeth (Part 1, 75%). His voice is very soft and he can make convincing speeches with it (Part 1, 82%).

The captain is always emphatically nonchalant, confident and self-assured. He laughs to himself when he notices that others are unsettled (Part 1, 37%). When he pays Guy a visit while Guy is sick, he strolls in and has a peaceful expression on his face (Part 1, 75%). He acts quite understanding and says...

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