The book-loving professor

Faber is an important character in the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. He is an old man whom Guy Montag met by chance in the park. He was a professor of English literature forty years ago, but was then dismissed because hardly anyone was still studying at the faculty (Part 2, 8%). He almost always stays at home and looks accordingly: His skin and hair are white as a wall and even his blue eyes have faded (Part 2, 23%).

When he meets Guy the fireman in the park, Faber has hidden books with him and at first he is afraid that Guy will hurt him. But then he gains trust in Guy, shows him the books, and tells him about himself. He even gives Guy his address, with the comment " ‘...in case you decide to be angry with me.’ " (Part 2, 10%).

Currently, Faber lives alone, secretly tinkering with inventions (Part 2, 20%) and thinking about what has gone wrong in society. He is opposing the system, but feels alone and is afraid of what would happen if he rebelled (Part 2, 41%).

Faber is very shy until ...

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