Granger and his group

The living books

Granger and his group do not appear until the end of Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451. They live outside the entertainment society, near the railroad track and in the mountains south of town (Part 3, 75%). Guy Montag first sees the group at night from a distance, as they warm themselves by a fire (Part 3, 63%).

Granger seems to be the leader of the group, at least he is their spokesman. He explains to Guy the idea behind the group of academics. The men have made it their mission to memorize books, because books are burned and destroyed in this society. Granger himself has written a book called The Fingers in the Glove; the Proper Relationship between the Individual and Society.

The group also includes: Fred Clement, the former holder of the Thomas Hardy Chair at Harvard University; Dr. Simmons, a specialist in Ortega y Gasset at UCLA; Prof. West, a scholar of ethics at Columbia University; and the clergyman Father Padover (Part 3, 71%). They all have bearded faces. Their beards are neat and they have clean hands (Part 3, 63%).

The men around Granger carry a "special sil...

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