Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is a sensational novel that was a huge success immediately after its publication in 1953. Seventy years later, the work has lost none of its relevance: Even today, the high consumption of content-free entertainment by television and the new electronic media threatens the indispensable books, which could soon be redundant after all.

We have compiled all the important background information on the work that you need to be able to shine as an absolute expert in literature lessons. You can read everything you need to know about the creation of the novel and find the answer to the question of how it relates to the life of the author. You will gain an insight into the time of its creation, the 1950s in the USA. 

We have collected for you how different critics reacted to the novel, and enlighten you about the intention of the often misunderstood author. Then we worked out which elements of Bradbury's vision of the future have come true today. In addition, we addressed the question of whether this is a dystopia or a utopia, and answered it thoroughly. As an extra big help, we also present you with an overview of all the intertextual references in the novel - there are more than you think, you'll be surprised! 

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