Guy Montag, from the novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, is a fireman. He likes his job, which is to burn houses where books are hidden. In Guy's society, owning books is considered a serious crime. Guy lives in a future society that is only focused on entertainment, and not on education. 

One evening, on his way home from the night shift, he meets seventeen-year-old Clarisse, his new neighbor. She critically questions the system and asks Guy if he is happy. This makes Guy start to wonder. The two talk to each other more often from then on. Clarisse comes from an unusual family of outsiders, where the members communicate with each other.

At home, Guy finds that Mildred, his wife, has taken an overdose of sleeping pills. He calls the emergency room. Mildred's stomach is pumped, and her blood is replaced with new blood. The next morning, Mildred does not remember anything about her suicide attempt. 

Mildred is constantly entertained by huge tele...

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