Chapter summaries

The young adult novel Holes by American author Louis Sachar was published in the United States in 1998. The narrative primarily depicts the stay of American teenager and outsider Stanley Yelnats at Camp Green Lake, a reformatory for delinquent youths in the hot Texas desert. The main character has been unjustly convicted for stealing sneakers and now must serve his sentence at Camp Green Lake.  Every day he has to dig a hole in the desert together with the other teenagers.

Stanley’s entire family has been suffering from bad luck from the day Stanley’s great-great-grandfather broke a promise to his old friend Madame Zeroni. However, at Camp Green, Stanley runs into the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni. Stanley befriends him and the two have exciting adventures together. In the end, he manages to banish the curse that weighs on the family.

The chapter summary of Louis Sachar's novel Holes offers you an extensive and detailed overview of the entire content of the 50 chapters. You'll get all the information about the setting. We also tell you the time when the action takes place and the characters involved in the novel.

Finally, the summary for each chapter includes a an overview of the main plot points.

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