Our thorough characterizations paint a very detailed picture of all the major and minor characters in Louis Sachar's young adult novel Holes. We offer a detailed discussion about the two main characters, Stanley and Zero. We also discuss the five additional members of Group D: the lonely leader X-Ray, the tough but sensitive Squid, the violent Armpit, the eccentric Zigzag and the sympathetic and helpful Magnet.

We also mention the three counselors of Camp Green Lake, the cold-hearted Mr. Pendanski, the sadistic Mr. Sir, and the Warden Linda Walker. Finally, we offer a characterization of the popular and warm-hearted teacher who becomes the  feared and merciless outlaw Katherine Barlow.

Our characterizations summarize the traits of the main characters and the important minor characters in terms of their appearance, personality, social background, actions, and development in the novel. They are closely oriented to the text, so all statements are supported by the corresponding text passages or quotations. For better understanding, appropriate statements of the characters are quoted. They form an ideal basis for a deeper understanding of the novel as well as its interpretation.

In addition, we also offer you an overview of the profile for each character, a  character map,  and the Yelnats family tree, which should help you identify all characters involved in the plot.

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