Linda Walker

The cabin in the shade

Linda Walker from the novel Holes by Louis Sachar is a tall, red-haired woman. Both her face and arms are covered with countless freckles. She usually wears a black cowboy hat and black cowboy boots studded with turquoise stones (Part 1, 52%). Her nails are usually painted in striking colors, her very special nail polish is a dark red one made of rattlesnake venom (Part 1, 72%).

The chief, who is often simply called the Warden, runs the top command at Camp Green Lake. Everyone is directly under her command, from the inmates to the counselors. Unlike the other camp staff, she does not live on the camp grounds, but in a cabin on the edge of the desert lined by several oak trees (Part 1, 49%). Her cabin is the only place in Camp Green Lake where there is shade: "The Warden owns the shade." (Part 1, 0%).

The treasure hunt of the Walker family

Linda Walker comes from a once wealthy and influential family. Her ancestors lived in the once thriving town of Green Lake and owned the extremely fertile land on the eastern shore of the lake. Linda’s grandfather was Charles Walker, who everyone just called Trout because of his stinky feet, and who was once rejected by Katherine Barlow, who later became outlaw Kissin' Kate Barlow (Part 1, 82%).

The violent behavior of her grandfather, "Trout" Walker, has helped put a curse on the town of Green Lake: Since he and several other townspeople chased down and shot the dark-skinned onion merchant Sam, it never rained ...

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