A “weird dude”

The teenager, nicknamed Zigzag from the novel Holes by Louis Sachar, is an inmate at Camp Green Lake. He is a member of Group D, just like the novel's main character, Stanley Yelnats IV. His real name is Ricky.

The novel does not mention how long he has been at camp Green Lake or why he was convicted. In the ranking of Group D, he occupies the fourth place. He is white, just like Stanley and Squid. Zigzag is one of the few teenage characters whose appearance is described in detail. He has a long skinny neck on which sits a big round head: "His head seemed to bob up and down on his neck, like it was on a spring" (Part 1, 30%), and blond frizzy hair that sticks out in all directions and stands up almost vertically in the air when the humidity is elevate...

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