Chip Martin, the Colonel

The scholarship and the dream

Chip Martin is Miles' roommate in the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green. His nickname is “the Colonel”. At about 5'6, he is quite short, but well-toned and strong with dark fuzzy hair. He smells like cigarettes and has a deep voice (p. 14).

He is from New Hope Alabama where he lives with his mother in a trailer (p. 84). His mother does not have much money and works as a burger cook at Waffle House. The Colonel is not ashamed of his mother, however. While visiting the Martins for Thanksgiving dinner, Miles sees how affectionate the Colonel is with his mother and how he stands by her (p. 84-85).

Chip's father beat him and his mother and left them when Chip was in 10th grade. His father is an alcoholic and no longer has contact with his son. A scholarship allows the Colonel to attend Culver Creek boarding school. He hates the rich students, whom he calls the Weekday Warriors because they always go home on weekends (p. 17). He points out to Miles that he is not one of the cool students.

He has a close bond with his mother and he is very grateful for her support. His biggest dream is to eventually have enough money to buy his mother a huge house (p. 106). Moreover, his...

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