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Lara Buterskaya from John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska is from Romania and attends the grade below Miles and the others. She is around 15 years old. She came to the United States with her family when she was 12 years old. She speaks with a slight accent and is described by the boys as attractive and feminine. The Colonel thinks she has nice breasts (p. 57) and Miles notices her butt (p. 61) and admires her "lazy dark curls" (p. 108).

In the "best day / worst day" game, she talks about how her arrival day in the U.S. was her best and worst day at the same time. On the one hand, she was now taken seriously by her parents because she could speak English and her parents needed her because they did not speak English themselves. However, this put a lot of responsibility on her at an early age (p. 108). Lara is very shy and reserved and Miles wonders if this is because of her experience of always having to be there for her parents and help them. She has never learned to say what she wants for herself (p. 108).

Miles points out several times that Lara and he have nothing to talk about. There is no conversation between them (p. 111). His interest in her does not seem to be very great either. He can't even remember where Lara is from (p. 105). Nevertheless, they become a couple. Eventually, Lara is the one who suggests giving Miles a blowjob. In this, she is as inexperienced as he is (p. 115-116). After seeking advice from Alaska and Lara actually giving Miles a blowjob, the two of them are then ashamed and focus on their homework. Their relationship, t...

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