Miles' labyrinth

In John Green’s novel Looking for Alaska, Miles also becomes interested in the idea of the labyrinth. Miles is first introduced to the question of the labyrinth by Alaska. He realizes that these are significant last words, which makes him curious about the life of Simón Bolívar. What the labyrinth is supposed to be, however, is not clear to him at the beginning either. He is also distracted by Alaska's appearance that he does not pay full attention to the labyrinth and soon changes the subject. Eventually, though, he goes along with Alaska's deal that he should find out what the labyrinth means.

In religion class, Miles connects the question of the labyrinth to the most important questions facing humanity, which Dr. Hyde, the religion teacher, wants to address. He hopes to find an answer here in the discussion of the various religious views. In the end, it becomes clear in his religion essay that Miles has taken the aspect of hope and forgiveness from Christian teaching to find a wa...

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