Lord of the Flies by William Golding opens in a jungle where a group of British schoolboys have been stranded after a plane crash. Ralph and an overweight boy nicknamed Piggy invite the other boys to meet by blowing through a large conch shell. None of them seem to know each other, except for a group of choir boys led by a boy called Jack. Ralph thinks they will be rescued soon, but Piggy says they need to organize themselves. Ralph is voted leader, but the choir remains separate so Ralph says they can be hunters led by Jack. 

Ralph tells the group he thinks they should try to enjoy themselves, but they also need to survive and to maintain a fire to create a smoke signal for their rescuers. They establish a system for their meetings where only the person holding the conch shell is allowed to speak. 

Ralph, Jack, and a quiet boy called Simon set out to explore the island, which they realize has fruit...

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