Kathy H

Outer characterization

The main character in the novel Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro is Kathy H. Kathy is 31 years old, and she has been working as a carer for 11 years (Chapter 1, 1%). Although Kathy never mentions it explicitly, the readers realize she is a clone who was created to donate her vital organs after she finishes her job as a carer.

Kathy spent her childhood at Hailsham, a place similar to a boarding school, where she was educated by the guardians who took care of her and the other students. The guardians taught Kathy about Art and Literature, therefore Kathy is well-educated and reads a lot. After she leaves Hailsham, she and the other students are supposed to choose essays to work on for about two years. Kathy chooses to do an essay on Victorian novels, although she never finishes it (Chapter 10, 1%).

Inner characterization

Kathy is good at taking care of people

One of Kathy’s main traits is her empathy toward others and her need to take care of people. This is seen even when she is young. When Tommy has a tantrum on the football field, Kathy is the only one who goes to him and gets him t...

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