Miss Emily

Outer characterization

Miss Emily is a character from Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go. She is the head guardian at Hailsham. She is older than the other guardians (Chapter 4, 18%). Kathy claims that, even though Miss Emily was not that tall, something in the way she carried herself made people think she was (Chapter 4, 18%). This means she was an imposing figure. She has “silvery hair” that she wears tied back, even though strands sometimes get in her face (Chapter 4, 18%). 

After Hailsham closes down, Miss Emily lives with Madame, although we do not know the nature of their relationship. In contrast to the imposing figure that she was back at Hailsham, now she is “frail and contorted” (Chapter 22, 100%) and needs to use a wheelchair.

Inner c


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