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Keffers is one of the minor characters in Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go. Keffers is a caretaker at the Cottages where Kathy and her friends stay after leaving Hailsham. He is described as a “grumpy old guy” (Chapter 10, 10%) who comes several times a week to tidy up the Cottages. Whenever people leave, they have to write their names in his ledger. He is also the one who makes arrangements whenever someone wants to leave the Cottages to start their training.

Keffers rarely interacts with the people at the Cottages. It could be that he is uncomfortable around them or he does not see them as real people. At one point, Kathy mentions he is very religious (Chapter 11, 64%). This could mean that he might disagree with clones from a religious standpoint, as their creation implies people are trying to play god.

Keffers does not seem to trust the students. He always complains about them making a mess or wasting the resources he gives them. He also objects to magazines with erotic content, to the point that he enters the residents’ rooms and invades their privacy to look for them. 

Miss Geraldine

Miss Geraldine ...

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