Chapter summaries part 3

Chapter 18

In the third part of Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Never Let Me Go, Kathy confesses that she enjoys being a carer. She says that it is not for everyone, especially since it is a lonely and frustrating job, and that others become depressed quickly and ask to stop and become donors. 

One day, Kathy meets Laura, one of her best friends from Hailsham. Laura, who is also a carer, tells Kathy that Ruth’s first donation went badly and then suggests that Kathy could become Ruth’s carer. At first, Kathy says that this is not a good idea. Then Laura and Kathy start talking about Hailsham closing down. Kathy mentions that this upsets her, as it feels as if she and the others are not connected anymore.

After her meeting with Laura, Kathy decides to become Ruth’s carer. At first, things are going well, but there is tension between them, because they never address their past issues. The tension grows and grows, especially when Kathy realizes that Ruth does not trust her. Kathy is ready to quit being Ruth’s carer, but then Ruth mentions a boat she would like to see. Kathy suggests bringing Tommy along. Ruth agrees, adding that the two had drifted apart during their last months at the Cottages and have not seen each other since.

Chapter 19

Kathy and Ruth drive to pick up Tommy on their way to see the boat. When they get there, Ruth panics and tells Kathy they should not get out of the car. Still, Kathy does and Tommy hugs her. During the drive, Kathy interrupts Ruth w...

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