Other characters



Lorraine is Connell’s mother. She works as a house cleaner in Carricklea and is employed by Marianne’s family. She had Connell when she was 17 and raised him as a single mother. She is shown to be supportive of Connell and a good parent who cares about her child, providing a contrast to Marianne’s mother. Moreover, Lorraine is empathetic and understands Marianne, often acting as a parental figure towards her as well. For example, when Connell invites Rachel to the Debs instead of Marianne, Lorraine tells him she is ashamed of his behavior and does not hesitate to take Marianne’s side, even against her own son. 


Jamie is one of Marianne’s boyfriends at university. He comes from a wealthy family and is spoiled and entitled because of his social status. He...

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