Outer characterization

Lennie is the other main character in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. Like George, he is described in detail when he is introduced to the story:

A huge man, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders; and he walked heavily, dragging his feet a little, the way a bear drags his paws. His arms did not swing at his sides, but hung loosely […]. (p. 8)

The narrative stresses that Lennie is the “opposite” of his friend George (p. 8). Lennie is a big, clumsy man, while George is small with “defined” features (p. 8). Lennie is also very physically strong: “ ‘Maybe he ain’t bright, but I never seen such a worker. […] There ain’t nobody can keep up with him. God Almighty, I never seen such a strong guy.’ ” (p. 39)

It is also clear from early in the narrati...

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