Bill Sikes

Outer characterization

In the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Bill Sikes is a violent criminal who works with Fagin. He is described as a “stoutly-built fellow of about five-and-thirty”:

He had a brown hat on his head, and a dirty belcher handkerchief around his neck: with the long frayed ends of which he smeared the beer from his face as he spoke. He disclosed, when he had done so, a broad heavy countenance with a beard of three days’ growth, and two scowling eyes. (Chapter 13, 18%)
Sikes is dirty and looks frightening. He also has a scary-looking dog “with his face scratched and torn in twenty different places” (Chapter 13, 18%).

Inner characterization

He is violent and abusive

Bill Sikes is cruel and violent towards everyone, including his dog: “This command was accompanied with a kick, which sent the animal to the other end of the room. He appeared well used to it, however.” (Chapter 13, 18%).

He lives with Nancy, but he is abusive and manipulative towards her. At one point, she shows Oliver “some livid bruises on her neck and arms” (Chapter 20, 55%) which Sikes has given her. Even after she has nursed him back to health after his illness, Sikes is cruel to her: “Il...

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