Outer characterization

Monks is the main villain of the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and the person who secretly guides the actions of Fagin and tries to ruin Oliver’s life. Monks’ real name is Edward Leeford and he is revealed to be Oliver’s half-brother. 

He is tall, strong but not stout, with extremely deep-set dark eyes, and dark hair and skin (Chapter 46, 69%). His lips are “discoloured and disfigured with the marks of teeth” (Chapter 46, 69%) and he has wounds on his hands from biting them and a large red mark like a burn on his throat. Nancy thinks he is in his mid to late twenties and that he looks worn beyond his age. He appears to suffer from epileptic fits. He often wears a dark cloak and moves with a “lurking walk” (Chapter 46, 69%), constantly looking over his shoulder. 

Inner characterization

Monks shows he has no morals. He schemes with Fagan to try and deprive Oliver of his rightful share of his inheritance. Edwin Leeford, Monks and Oliver’s father, left in his will a clause saying that Oliver would only receive his share of the inheritance if he did not commi...

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