Mr Brownlow

Outer characterization

In the novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, Mr Brownlow is a gentleman who becomes Oliver’s first friend and mentor. He is described as very respectable-looking, “with a powdered head and gold spectacles. He was dressed in a bottle-green coat with a black velvet collar; wore white trousers; and carried a smart bamboo cane under his arm.” (Chapter 10, 43%).

It is later revealed Mr Brownlow was close friends with Oliver’s father, Edwin Leeford, and he was engaged to his sister; however, she died on her wedding day. Brownlow never married anyone else. At the end of the novel, he becomes Oliver’s adoptive father and they live together in the countryside close to Mrs Maylie, Rose, and Harry. 

Inner characterization

Mr Brownlow is a kind and caring man. He is robbed by two boys from Fagin’s gang but Oliver is falsely accused of the crime instead. At the police station, Brownlow admits he is not sure Oliver is the culprit, and refuses to formally accuse him of the crime. He believes Oliver looks good and innocent, and when the young boy faints, Brownlow takes...

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