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The novel Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens is set in the early 19th century. The novel was published as serialized installments from 1837 to 1839 and a full-length novel in 1838, which means that the novel is most likely set sometime during the late 1830s, during the late-Georgian or early-Victorian Era in England. 

There are several references throughout the novel to “the king”, most notably when Sikes is running away after murdering Nancy and the authorities shout at him to open the door “ ‘In the King’s name’ ” (Chapter 50, 63%). The reference to the king, who is likely William IV who ruled from 1830 to 1837, sets the novel in the late-Georgian era, before Queen Victoria ascended to the throne in June 1837. 

Dickens is generally referred to as a Victorian writer as most of his works were published during the Victorian era. Even though Oliver Twist is set right at the end of the Georgian period, this period is fairly similar to the beginning of the Victorian Era. As such, Dickens’ social commentary from Oliver Twist continues to apply well into the Victorian era and to ...

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