Senator Brabantio is Desdemona’s father in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. He is an important figure in Venice and seems to be in the Duke’s favor. Desdemona is his only child.

Brabantio initially seems to be a loving father who indulges Desdemona and trusts her to make her own decisions. He does not complain when she refuses suitors and even supports her decisions, as we see from how he greets Roderigo: “My daughter is not for thee” (1.1.109). After he discovers that Desdemona has cheated his trust and eloped, Brabantio confesses he is glad he does not have another daughter. Desdemona’s actions would have made him overly cautious and protective of any other daughters, afraid that they might do the same: “For thy escape would teach me tyranny,/ To hang c...

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