Iago is a skilled manipulator and knows how to use people

Iago is Othello’s antagonist in William Shakespeare’s play Othello. He serves under Othello as his “ancient” (1.1.35), however, he wants to become a lieutenant and is furious when Othello promotes Cassio instead of him. Iago is 28 years old: “I have looked upon this world for/ four times seven years…” (1.3.334-335).

From the very beginning, the audience knows that Iago intends to destroy Othello and Cassio. However, no character in the play knows the extent of Iago’s plots, not even Roderigo, who thinks he is in Iago’s confidence. In fact, Iago uses Roderigo as much as he uses everyone else and does not hesitate to kill him when he has the chance, as he is afraid Roderigo might reveal his plans. More than this, Iago also uses Emilia, his wife, to achieve his goal, as he asks her to bring him the handkerchief that Othello gave to Desdemona.

At the start of the ...

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