The language of the short story is descriptive and detail-focused, but it poses no major challenges in understanding the plot.

Choice of words and style of writing

To convey the characters’ Sri Lankan background, some South Asian dishes are mentioned: “…bhajis, puris, samosas, jelabies and even the rose-pink faulda drink”. References to brands like “Debenhams and Argos, and Tesco and an Iceland”, or shows like “Stars in Their Eyes” and “Beadle and Noel”  help suggest the action takes place in Britain.

When words are italicised, the author draws attention to what words characters emphasise: “ ‘He won’t know about our customs after all. There, of course, the groom would buy the necklace himself.’ ” Also, capitalising letters helps suggest the characters are shouting or advertising their business: “…shouted percentages, gave Special Discounts to Special Trusted Customers.” 


The short story includes numerous descriptive words which help Amanthi Harris convey mental images to the readers and transport them into the story environment. 

Some descriptive words help readers see what the main character sees in a brides’ magazine: “small and young”, “dark curly hair”, “ivory dress”, etc. Other descriptive words create imagery in connection to how the characters act or appear: “public cheerful voice” , “glossy pelt”, “sympathetic smile”, “small hurt laugh”, etc.

However, most of the descriptive words in the story help convey imagery in relation to the setting and setting elements. Here are some examples: “dark grey sky”, “nailed-down plastic chairs”, “metal plates” , “satin trays of rings” , “coloured silk”, “glittering silks”, etc.

Additionally, the author creates extensive imagery regarding the overall social atmosphere of the setting by including descr...

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