The short story “Red Sari” by Amanthi Harris was published in 2004 and is probably meant to be read as contemporary to the time of publishing.


Physical setting

Although the exact country where the events is not mention explicitly, there are many references that suggest the events take place in the United Kingdom. These references include brands like “Debenhams and Argos, and Tesco and an Iceland”, references to cold rain weather and to a British television talent show, “Stars in Their Eyes” These elements of the cultural setting also point to the contemporary time setting.

The main events take place over a day in an Asian part of the town the characters live in: “Winter arrived and I went with my mother to look at saris and jewellery for weddings, to a part of town like a town in India…” 

The setting of the Asian neighbourhood is described often in the story, focusing on weather, shops, and restaurants. The weather is described using words like: “dark grey sky”, black roads”, “black night world” , “synthetic orange light”, etc. This suggests that the character-narrator does not enjoy going to this part of town and does not feel a conne...

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