The main character of “Red Sari” by Amanthi Harris, a young woman from Sri Lanka living in the UK, sees the perfect wedding dress in a magazine. When she mentions it to her mother, the mother argues that the girl should get married in a sari. To please her mother, the daughter agrees to go and try on a sari in an Indian part of the town.

First, they have a traditional drink while the woman looks at happy families and wonders if they are ever like her and her mother, unable to communicate.

Then the mother takes her to a jewellery shop where she tells the jeweller her daughter is getting married. The mother offers to buy the daughter a necklace although tradition would require her future husband Andrew to buy it. The daughter refuses. Then the jeweller recommends trying some earrings on, but they are too big for her ear piercings, and he offers to push the earrings in. The young woman refuses, realising she will never...

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